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Haunted Changing Portrait Gallery

Welcome foolish mortal to the Haunted Changing Portraits Gallery. Presented here for your enjoyment is a collection of changing portraits. These pictures are great for Halloween parties, haunted houses or for the person that simply loves the unusual. They will shock and surprise all that witness the eerie changes that occur as you walk by the Haunted Portraits. The images change without any electronics or mechanics. Simply frame them and hang them and watch the chaos that follows. Four great sizes are available 18" x 24", 16"x20", 11" x 14" and 5" x 7". Each 11" X 14" Portrait is signed and numbered in a limited edition of only 100. Pass your mouse over any of our devilish characters to see their darker side and click on them to find out more about each345

Madame Toombs's Haunted Portrait
Phantom of the Opera
Constence's Haunted Portrait
Tomb Sweet Tomb Haunted Portrait
Phantom Ship

Abes' Haunted Portrait

bruce' Haunted Portrait

Rose' Haunted Portrait

Benjamin' Haunted Portrait
Shirley's Haunted Portrait
crump' Haunted Portrait
Florence's Haunted Portrait
Simons's Haunted Portrait
The Counts Haunted Portrait
Lamour Changing Portrait
Sally's Haunted Portrait
knight' Haunted Portrait
Zed's Haunted Portrait
Mary's Haunted Portrait
Cyrus' Haunted Portrait
Thadius' Haunted Portrait
Florence's Haunted Portrait
Emmett's Haunted Portrait

Welcome to our Museum of the Weird. Evil… perverted, twisted, sick, whatever you want to call it, I love scaring people. Let’s face it, most “scary” props aren’t very scary. That’s what I thought when I stumbled on the concept of Haunted Portraits. What if I could create art that one moment looked normal and then almost magically degenerated into a shocking image sure to surprise your next casualty? Visit the Gallery to view my wicked creations

Ghost Portraits allow you to become a ghost in your very own custom changing portrait. We’ll transform you and your loved ones into a specter to die for in one of our many scenes. Ghost Portraits make truly unique gifts for those that appreciate the unusual

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