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St. Grecco Orphanage is where Emmett resides
His only wish, to belong to a family of size
One rare occasion he left his habitat
Given a ticket to The Family Circus Labinnac
Emmett gazed, cheered and watched with glee
Wishing a member of the family circus he could be
Leaving the grounds, a mirror he spied
Claiming to grant wishes for a nickel to buy
Staring in the mirror, wishing with all might
He became a member of the circus that night
Too bad he couldn't spell; his teacher's to blame
For Labinnac is Cannibal spelled backwards
What a shame......

Story by: Gwendel Rodriguez aka Empress Nightshade

The Black Widow of the Collection

Diminutive and dark like the Black Widow, the mini-HauntedPortrait possesses the ability to strike fear onto its unsuspecting victims. Tucked away on a shelf, or hidden amongst a gallery of pictures, it waits for its prey. They draw closer never sensing the surprise that awaits them, for after all it's just a small family photo. Capturing all the detail of its larger siblings this little portrait is a great introduction to the world of HauntedPortraits. Photos of descendants long since gone, morph from their happy mortal shapes to reveal the true nature of their depraved dark side, as one passes by. These curious rarities transform without the need for wires or batteries, simply place in a convenient 5"x7" frame and anticipate the delight in watching your victims discover its sinister secret. These dark jewels come unframed and postage is a mere $3. I gladly honor Paypal and I am so confident you will be entranced by the magic of the mini-HauntedPortraits that I back it up with a no-questions-asked return policy (see below). Bid now on this macabre

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