About Haunted Portraits

How do they work? Well it's not a closely guarded trade secret. The effect is created by a lenticular lens mounted to a computer interlaced print. As the viewer changes perspective he sees a different part of the interlaced image, causing the image to shift. The entire effect is completely self contained and requires no power source. Even when you know how it works you'll still be amazed, and your guest will be shocked

How much do HauntedPortraits cost and are they framed? 18"x24" Monster Portraits are $135, 16"x20" Portraits are $85, 11"x 17" HauntedPortraits are $55 and and $15 for our Mini-HauntedPortrait. My Portraits come unframed but are a standard 18" x 24", 16" x 20", 11" x 14" or 5"x 7" which makes it easy to find frames

Who makes these, are they mass produced? If you enjoy mass produced, poor quality props made in China go to Wal-Mart, but if you enjoy high quality unique props made by a real American Artist then you found the right place. This is a family business with my wife handling the shipping and my daughter helping me with ideas, names and stories for our newest ghoulish characters. I design, create, print, and laminate every portrait from the small 5"x7"s to the monster 18"x24"s. I also am the sole creator of this web site, and the eNewsletter which you can subscribe to here

How much does shipping cost?

US Postage
$0.01 - $30.00
$30.01 - $49.99
$50.00 - $99.99
$100.00 - $199.99
$200 +

How do I place an order? You can go to any portrait page click on the Add to Cart button. When done selecting your Portraits click the View Cart button or you can send your order with either a cashier's check or money order stating which portraits you would like to:

Haunted Portraits
Attn: Norm Lanier
23503 Lutheran Cemetery Road
Tomball, TX 77375

Do you do custom Portraits? Yes, we are proud to now offer GhostPortraits. GhostPortraits allow you to become a Ghost in your own custom Portrait. Simply provide us with a photo or high resolution digital file and select the scene you'd like your ghost in. You'll become an apparition that appears and disappears as you pass buy. You can lean more about this unique custom Portrait here

Guarantee I am so confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase, that I will back it up with a no questions asked refund. Simply return it in original condition, within 2 years for a full refund of the purchase price

What does limited edition mean? It means that only 100 - 11" x 14" Portraits of each image will ever be produced. Each one is hand signed and number and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Once it's gone it's gone for good. These are truly a Halloween collectible

Are you going to create more? Count on it. The possibilities are only limited by my

How can I find out when new Portraits are available? Simply go here to subscribe to our newsletter, and I will let you know when new images and special newsletter only specials are available

Do you take credit cards? Yes, it's actually the preferred form of payment our haunts like. All credit card transactions are made through our secure site and there is no extra charge. You can also pay by eCheck using PayPal and your checking account. Money orders and cashier's check are gladly welcomed

Still have questions? You can send me an e-mail to norm@hauntedportraits.com or you can call me at 281-814-0880.

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