Haunted Portraits are no longer for sale

Snake and leech, flesh of a scar, 
Bring forth the dead, where ever they are.

Tap on a window, give us a hint,
Some sort of a sound must be sent.

Gremlins and Ghosts and all that we mourn,
Raise the unchoosen by blowing your horn.

Howling winds and where frogs can be found,
Let there be rhythms from beneath the ground.

Gypsies and warlocks are welcome to come,
Show us a sign by beating your drum

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Inspired by Madame Leota at Disney's Haunted Mansion, I've created my own gypsy in a crystal ball changing portrait. The name madame Leota was based on Imagineer Leota (Toombs) Thomas, Toombs being maiden name. She was plucked from the Disney Model Shop to do a face camera test for the special effect system. They liked her performance so much that they decided to use that footage for the final effect
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