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Fritz and Sadie Kleinbeck were the proprietors of the New Ulm, Texas Funeral Parlor. After trying for years, Fritz and Sadie were blessed with a baby girl, Heidi. Their little blessing, however, was a needy child that demanded constant attention. Exhausted by the child's unrelenting need for attention, they visited their doctor who advised them that they needed to not give in to Heidi's cries and that the neediness would stop.

Thrilled with the prospect of some rest, her parents agreed that no matter how much Heidi screamed and yelled they would ignore her. That evening they put Heidi to bed and, as usual, Heidi began crying. Her parents left the room and went and sat in the Parlor. Both parents were agitated by the cries but tried to ignore them. The cries became louder and more frantic. Then Fritz noticed out of the corner of his eye flashes of light coming from Heidi's room. Fearing that Heidi might have somehow knocked over the lantern, they ran into the room. Not a word of what Fritz and Sadie saw in that room was ever spoken. Fritz and Sadie lived out the rest of their shortened lives slaves to Heidi's constant demands
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