Here is what my customers have said about their portraits:

My wife got me the phantom ship for Christmas and I have to say its incredible. I have
been eyeing it for a long time now but have been putting off getting it. I opened that
bad boy up christmas morning and i was like a kid in a candy store. You now have a
lifetime customer in me and am looking forward to adding to my collection. thank you.

Derek R.


Just a quick note to "thank you" for taking the time to stop by our booth at HAuNTcon to introduce yourself and say "hi." While you are technically a competitor, you are far more a friend and it is refreshing to know that there is another changing portrait company out there that holds professional conduct and ethics in business to be more important than mud-slinging. Stay true to these principles and the integrity and character you demonstrate will speak volumes to the consumer. I also wanted to thank you for letting me take a sneak peek at your new changing portrait, The Phantom Ship. This is truly one of your best pieces and with it, you've taken your personal best to a whole new level. As always, if I can be of any help to you in your business or assist you with any technical questions concerning our unique art form, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Your friend...

Tim Turner
The Ghoulish Gallery.com

Hi Norm, Last week I received the "Haunted Picture" I had ordered. Even though it has only been hanging on my wall for a few days, it has already paid for itself in entertainment ! I hadn't said anything about having the picture, I just put it in a nice, old fashioned frame & hung it on the wall. When my "better half" came home from a rough day at work, he fixed his usual drink to relax, however 1 wasn't enough that night, & he fixed himself a second one. Half way through the second drink, he noticed the picture on the wall. When he asked me who it was, I told him it was my Grandmother's sister, then watched him from the corner of my eye. When he got up to look at the picture closer, the picture changed." When he got right up to it, standing in front, it was just fine. He started to walk away, then turned for a last look, when she was suddenly a vampire again ! He never said a word, just went into the kitchen, poured out the rest of his drink & told me he was going to bed early as he wasn't feeling well ! He still doesn't know what really happened. I haven't laughed this much in years.
Thanks so much-


I just received my order today and I am very happy! The portraits look fantastic - they are very well done. I had frames ready for them to arrive so they are already up on the wall in my "library"! I framed the smaller portraits and will give them as gifts to a few of my colleagues who are interested in purchasing larger ones. I am going to display the others at my next "Haunted House" party and see if they generate any sales.

I look forward to seeing what new portraits you come up with! Keep up the good work!
Gary Pawlowski (Scary Gary)
Makeup/FX - Men in Black - Batman Forever - The Frighteners"

I just wanted to let you now how much I love your work. I think I'll be adding a nother to my collection soon. The quality is way beyond what I expected, and the size of the print is impressive really stands out in my living room.

Thanks for producing such an outstanding piece of art.

I received my "Mary" in good condition...Its awesome!!!
I found an antique frame the approximate age for the picture with ripply old glass and took it to the local framing shop to have a mat cut and have them install it...It was so funny when the lady first saw it...She said "How Lovely" then she noticed the change and yelled WHAT THE F%&^$?? She must have been in her late 60,s and it was so funny to hear that come out of her mouth...That drew everyone in the store over there to see the portrait..and Most everyone had a comment to make..some were even good ones! Most thought it was too creepy and wondered what kind of person I was. I just laughed and said its my favorite picture in the house.....

Thanks , I am very happy

I received my package today. I just wanted to let you know that the
portraits are wonderful!! They're even better in person. You asked if I
was a Night Shift Nurse because of the crazy hours in which I email, and the
answer is yes. On my days off, I end up sleeping all day and staying up all
night, as well.....Now you can see why I wanted the Florence picture so
much...She's much like myself... : ) Anyway, thanks so much for everything.
I am interested in ordering a ghost portrait in the near future, after
seeing the quality of your work. I will keep you posted with that. Merry


I received your haunted portrait yesterday. It is REALLY cool. My
husband saw your work on e-bay before Halloween and he showed it to
me. It was not in my Halloween Party budget at that time, but I knew
he'd love it for Christmas. We have a HUGE Halloween party every
year (70 ) on average. We even do a haunted hayride which is
becoming more sophisticated every year.

Please be assured that your portrait will be prominently placed in
the Dracula coffin room next to the other family portraits. It will
be interesting to see which of our guests will be "surprised."

Thanks again.

Monica B.

Better than pictured, plan to get more! A+++

Michael M.

I just received my portrait (Shirley). And I must say:
It is disgusting, evil and thoroughly disobedient
Keep up the good work!

"I was happy with the first one I bought ..It looks nice...I will be buying another one"
Bill B.

"I think they are a good value ...I think you've done an outstanding job-and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!"
Kathryn D.

They look great! We love them! Thank you so much for your creativity. We will be fighting, I'm sure, over which image to choose next. ;)Your friends in fright,
Susan and Jason B.

I work for an event planning company and my boss’s husband order four photos from you. We are using them at a Halloween party in the haunted living room. We were just looking for old black and white photos. But, these are even better. We just were looking at the photos, they are awesome, the perfect effect that we were looking for. My fiancé and I love haunted houses and are in the works of opening one next year. I will totally order more prints when the time comes. Thanks for the great work.
Carmen T.

I absolutely adore my haunted portrait - I'm hooked!
I have worked in the movie industry for over 20 years and have acquired endless haunted props & effects. Nothing out there compares to the level of quality and affordability that your company produces in the way of lenticular portraits.

I chose 'Shirley' as my first and was impressed with her quality and eerie metamorphis. I framed it in a gilded $20.00 frame and hung it over the mantle at our annual Halloween mystery party. The stunned disbelief of those that discovered the portrait transformations was delightful - I must say I value immensely the portrait's transformation - it is subtle, not cheesy or overly bold.

Your product is worth every dollar!

Shirley is FANTASTIC! I see why you're so proud of her! Thank you for
getting her before Halloween... I'm putting her in her frame first thing in
the a.m. and placing her in her special spot on the wall.

Have a super holiday!



Constence scared the bejeebers out of more than a few kids. My 14 year old has to take the picture down at night, she's afraid she'll wake up and have to walk past it! Great work.

Cindy R.

Hi Norm, I received the Constance portrait today. I'm very pleased with it. Keep up the good work-I look forward to seeing more of your future creations.

Best regards

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