I guess it was destined to be. That's me in 1965 working on one of my early master pieces. I guess I've always been drawn to art. In high school I discovered photography and my creativity took a new direction. I attended Sam Houston State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science of Photography in 1983. I won several state level awards. I pursued photography for several years and then I was exposed to the Apple Macintosh. The writing was on the wall and my creativity changed course again and I became a Computer Graphic Designer. Haunted Portraits allow me to utilize all I've learned in Photography, Computer Graphic and Art


Each step has built on the previous and hopefully with each new work I do, I carry what I've learned forward as I head down this new part of the journey. Each HauntedPortrait takes on a life of it's own. First the hunt starts for a real antique photo. I look at literally hundreds of photos and every once in a while one will jump out at me and scream "Bring me back". Then the real work starts transforming the ordinary to the bizarre on the computer. Next the testing starts to create the startling change you see in the finished product. I take pride in the fact that I do all the work on every portrait from start to finish without the need for outside services. The response to my work has been overwhelming and each day I share my work with new collectors, many now repeat customers. The HauntedPortrait 11" x 14"s are all limited to an edition of only 100 of each and all come with a certificate of authenticity. This is a family business with my wife handling the shipping and my daughter helping me with ideas, names and stories for our newest ghoulish characters. I design, create, print, and laminate every portrait from the small 5"x7"s to the monster 18"x24"s. I also am the sole creator of this web site, and the eNewsletter which you can subscribe to here. I hope you enjoy my work and they will become a treasured part of your spooky art collection


Norm Lanier

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