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February 2005

Welcome Our Newest Portrait

Not one to rest on my past work I've been busy working on truly unique works. It's relatively easy to slap some fangs and glowing eyes on a portrait and call it new. It's hardly creative and it surely doesn't push the limits of what lenticular art can do. Simon does both. Welcome the newest member of the HauntedPortraits Gallery. "Simon Gray, unlike his fictional counterpart Sherlock Holmes, was a real Scotland Yard investigator. Working the beat in London he soon developed a reputation with his superior investigative skills. His uncanny ability to delve deep into the criminal psyche allowed him to find clues that others had missed. Simon was lead investigator in the hushed Grosvenor Square murders, a series of gruesome murders targeting London's high society. Even family members were astounded by the amount of detail Simon was able to reveal about each victim. Simon's illustrious career was cut short when he was struck by a runaway wagon and killed instantly. Scotland Yard continued the investigation but was never able to find the killer. Strangely the murders stopped after Simon's death, leading many to speculate that Simon was very close to nabbing the murderer when he died and that the perpetrator had fled London to avoid capture." Simon is creepy looking even before he transforms. You can see him
here www.hauntedportraits.com/simon.htm


Also wanting to involve my customers in my work I created a writing contest to write the Emmett story. With over a dozen entries it was hard to find a winner, but choose we did and Gwendel Rodriguez won with her dark poetic entry

St. Grecco Orphanage is where Emmett resides
His only wish, to belong to a family of size
One rare occasion he left his habitat
Given a ticket to The Family Circus Labinnac
Emmett gazed, cheered and watched with glee
Wishing a member of the family circus he could be
Leaving the grounds, a mirror he spied
Claiming to grant wishes for a nickel to buy
Staring in the mirror, wishing with all might
He became a member of the circus that night
Too bad he couldn't spell; his teacher's to blame
For Labinnac is Cannibal spelled backwards
What a shame......

Gwendel wins a fifty dollar gift certificate for her creativity.
To see more of Emmett you can visit him
here www.hauntedportraits.com/emmett.htm


You asked for them, you got them, more mini-HauntedPortraits.I've converted even more of my full size Horror Masterpieces into the highly sought after size of 5"x7" size. Back in December I tested the market with a mini-Shirley portrait. It was so popular you asked for more, so popular in fact that now others are copying this format. It just gives me even more motivation to keep listening to my customers and innovaiting.

I know that once you own a Mini-HauntedPortrait you'll become a collector of the most unique changing portraits available anywhere. To order yours visit here www.hauntedportraits.com/order.htm

I think it would be an understatement to say that most of customers love Halloween. My family and I have an annual Halloween party and nothing gives me a bigger kick then scaring or baffling my guest with props I've made. That's how I got started doing HauntedPortraits. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Joe Pfeiffer through the sale of one of Portraits. Joe is the author and illustrator of Give Them a Real Scare This Halloween: A Guide to Scaring Trick-Or-Treaters, & Haunting Your House, Yard or Party This book is stuffed with great Halloween props, decorating ideas and some of the best spooky cartoons around. Joe has agreed to share some of his cartoons with my readers and I know you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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