August 8, 2006

Madame Toombs

My latest creation takes it's inspiration from the classic Madame Leota scene in The Haunted Mansion. To say there is a lot of time in the creation of this artwork would be an understatement. The Photoshop file contains almost forty layers orchestrated into three unique transitions that blend seamlessly... this work is one of my finest. To see the video clip and find out the story behind the name visit Madame Toombs in our Portrait Gallery here


The greek mythic beauty Medusa is the inspiration for this new portrait. Her classic beauty draws you in and then turns, unleashing a hairdo that will knock-em dead. Her stone cold glare can be found in this little alcove of the Gallery

2 Year Guarantee

That's right, 2 years. Why, because I know once you get one of my portraits in your hands you'll know why I can make this kind of offer. You won't find a guarantee like this anywhere else in the Haunt industry. From the day my site went live I've had a "no questions asked" guarantee and now it's even better. I want you to be completely thrilled with your purchase. I believe in my product so much that if for any reason you're not thrilled, let me know within 2 years and I will refund your money. That's right, 2 years. I do what ever it takes to keep my customers happy

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I've been locked in the laboratory all summer toiling on new creations. I think you will find that it was well worth the wait as we introduce two new Haunted Mansion inspired spectacular portraits and a stencil. We've also concocted a tribute to the classic The Phantom of the Opera. All of these creepy delights are just in time for the Halloween season so enjoy.

The Phantom of the Opera

This work tips it's hat to the classic novel by Gaston Leroux, brought to life in the horror masterpiece by Lon Chaney and then again on Broadway. In all of it's incarnations it encompasses love, obsession, madness and desire, a perfectly horrific combination. The Phantom's Portrait is located in his private box just off the gallery here

Eyes Wallpaper Stencil

I've had several people ask me where they can get the eyes wallpaper you will see in the background of several of my video clips. The truth is that I created the wallpaper in Photoshop and printed it out on a plotter for the background. It would never be practical to try and do an entire room this way, and then it dawned on me what about a stencil. My inspiration was the design created for the Haunted Mansion and reinterpreted into my all new design. If there is enough interest in this then my plan is to make this design available as a laser cut stencil which would do several at once. Estimated cost on this would be around $30. The set-up costs for this are fairly high so if I can get enough interest in this project I will make them available for sale on my site. Drop me an email here if you're interested

Free Portraits Once Again

Making high quality changing portraits is difficult and some quite frankly just don't make the cut. Instead of selling these at a discount or throwing them away I give them away to Charity Haunts. Last year I made the mistake of saying non-profit Haunts which people assumed meant anything that didn't make money. So let me define this technically, if you are a 501c3 you qualify, if you're not or don't know what that is then you don't. This offer is being made to my newsletter subscribers first and then will be made public on several forums. I have a limited quality of these so when they're gone, they're gone. There is a $10 fee to cover postage. If you qualify, send me an email here to be added to the list. This is on a first come first serve basis for qualifying 501c3s only

More HM Blueprints

If you haven't checked lately you have missed the fact that we have almost doubled the number of Haunted Mansion blueprints we now have online. To my knowledge this not only is the largest collection of Haunted Mansion blueprints, but also the largest collection of Disney blueprints available anywhere on the internet. If you know of any other Disney blueprints let me know

The Ultimate Haunted Mansion Blog

If you think you know all there is to know about the Haunted Mansion, think again. My good friend "Ghost Relations Dept." has created the ultimate behind the scenes blog of the Haunted Mansion. He is sure to show you and tell you things you never knew about the worlds best dark ride. Grab the next Doom Buggie over to his site and please no flash photographs

Become a Spirit

What could be more unique than Madame Toombs appearing in the crystal ball... how about you? We are making a limited number of these personalized Portraits available in which your face will magically appear. To find out more visit our Ghost Portrait Gallery