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The Haunted Portrait App

The Haunted Portrait App brings all the strange beauty of the Haunted Portrait Gallery to your iPhone or iPad. The free version contains:

  • 8 Ghoulish Portraits
  • 1 Picture Frame
  • 1 Musical Score from Midnight Syndicate

You can upgrade to the full version for just $0.99 which contains:

  • 22 Ghoulish Portraits
  • 4 Picture Frames
  • 4 Musical Scores from Midnight Syndicate
  • No ads

Download any of the images to your iPhone or iPad and use as a wallpaper or send to your friends. All of the images have been maxed out at high-resolution for the new retina displays and look awesome on iPads.

The app is great for Halloween parties, just load it onto your iPad and set it up to display the freakish portraits.

Available in App Store


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